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"We have been combining tradition
and innovation
to create prefabricated pools
for over 40 years."

Hans Poinstingl
CEO Leidenfrost Poolsystems

Success is our tradition

Our company was founded in 1948 by Johann Leidenfrost Senior and was run as a cooperage until the 1970s. Our company has been handling glass fibre technology since 1969. While we initially dealt with agricultural containers, the first pools were soon made from fibre composite plastic.
After a fundamental change of client base due to the new product situation, the internal structure of the company had to be altered to fit the new market. The field of swimming pools was innovatively progressed and developed by Leidenfrost.

From a small factory arose an extremely quality-orientated company, a reliable partner in swimming pools made from fibre compound plastic, with international recognition and an export quota to match.
The results speak for themselves. In the future, we will promote new developments and, together with our raw material suppliers, strive to process the best materials. As an Austrian firm with good prospects, we will continue to set pool trends and serve our customers with the aforementioned “Leidenfrost quality” and the corresponding service.


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