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Be completely relaxed. Even when you’re not in the pool. With the approved Leidenfrost pool coverings, you can be safe in the knowledge that your children and pets are properly protected.

Roller coverdeck

The most elegant form of covering.
At the touch of a button, the slats of the pool cover close to form a protective covering over the water.
The roller shutter conceals itself conveniently in the practical underwater seating bench.

Roller covers

Roller covers can unwind in seconds and be secured at the flick of a wrist. The roller cover consists of coated polyester fabric on both sides, stabilised by aluminium crossbars. It is extremely stable, weatherproof, UV-resistant and easy to clean.

sliding roof

Don’t let the enjoyment of swimming be spoilt by the weather. In the case of an indoor swimming pool, the air and water are heated by rays of sunlight and the swimming season is seamlessly extended.


Katalog 2016

64 pages information, bookable on the request.

Katalog 2016


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