Water Care


Sand filters

The classic method of water purification. The filter pump sucks the pool water in and pushes it through a filter vessel filled with quartz sand. This is a mechanical form of cleaning.
- Crystal clear water
- No filter contamination
- Reduced need for disinfectants
- Long-lasting

Cartridge filters

Due to the large surface area of a cartridge filter, 10-15 times as much dirt can be trapped than in a comparable sand filter. This means significantly longer service intervals than for a comparable sand filter, which also reduces water consumption.

control systems

Everything is possible, from easy filter control to automatic backwashing and heating control.

automatic water treatment

- With automatic metering, care agents are used more economically, with more precision and convenience than if done by hand.
- Reliable disinfectant effect even with heavy use and high levels of soiling.

pool bottom cleaners

With the newest generation of pool bottom cleaners, mechanical cleaning becomes child’s play.
- Easy handling.
- Filters the finest of dust from the water.
- Independent of the filter system.


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