Water quality


Treatment step 1: pH control

Enjoying the clear waters of your pool requires an optimum pH value. The pH value must be between 7.0 and 7.6. pH regulation is the first step to healthy and skin-friendly swimming pool water. Keeping to the correct pH at all times is important for all further maintenance steps. You can monitor this very easily with pool water testing tablets: if the pH value is between 7.0 and 7.6 then everything is fine and you can relax and enjoy your LEIDENFROST pool. Water treatment products deliver the best results and protect the acid mantle of the skin. If the pH value is incorrect, problems may arise.

Treatment step 2: Water disinfection

Keep your pool hygienic and clean and you will feel safe. To guarantee good water quality and a high standard of hygiene in the pool, the pool water must be continually disinfected. The water must not contain any harmful bacteria, fungi or viruses. These elements can be removed through the use of suitable chemicals. The most effective disinfectant is chlorine and its compounds.

Treatment step 3: Algae prevention

Algae are plant microorganisms that produce unwanted organic materials, which in turn create an ideal breeding ground for bacteria and fungi. Highly efficient algaecides that are free of heavy metals are available on the market and are excellent at combating the growth of algae. We recommend the use of foam-free products for pools with a counter-current system.


Cloudy water is caused by the smallest particles suspended in the water, which are too small to be captured by the filter and can be an optimum food source for bacteria. With a sand filter, these turbid substances will combine easily with appropriate flocculants and then disappear with the next backwash. With a cartridge filter, special turbidity removers help to keep the water in perfect condition.

Treatment step 5: Cleaning the filter

A clean filter is a prerequisite for enjoying the clear waters of your pool. Water problems are unavoidable if the filter is extremely dirty, calcified or infested with germs. Larger quantities of water treatment products will also be required.
A regular backwash to remove dirt and correct filter cleaning (backwash twice a month + chemical cleaning) will keep the filter and your water clean.


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